Garderie post school care (OIB)

The center is a childcare place after school. The emphasis is on relaxation, fun, play, touch and welfare.

The importance of “free time” for the child is one of the principles that guide the work.


  • Children are welcome after school by educators to places of appointment
  • They are part of a group similar of the children’s age, assigned to the same educators for a year or two.
  • Children take snack (provided by the after school care/garderie) with their educators and their group in their room.
  • In addition to fun activities, children can also do their homework in the study local, under the supervision of an educator.

Different after school day care/garderie sites

The commission organize a after school care on the 4 European Schools (+ Berkendael for the small Uccle) and the 5 central sites: Van Maerlant (8-12 yrs old only), Wilson, Cornet-Leman, Genève and Beaulieu. Genève and Beaulieu are reserved mainly for staff children working in nearby buildings.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: the after school care/garderie starts at 15:30 until 18:45

Wednesday: from 12:00 to 18:45

Friday: Nursery children, 1st and 2nd eat at school with their teachers, afterschool care/garderie starts around 12:30, after the meal. The children of 3rd, 4th and 5th have classes after lunch as Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The after school care/garderie closes at 18:45 from Monday to Thursday and until 18:00. It is very important to respect the closing time.

School holidays

July-August and Easter holidays are periods of “outdoor center”. Pre-registration is required ( During other holidays (except holidays of the Commission), the daycare operates in “long days” prior registration for each holiday. Long days are often organized in the “central” sites.

Pedagogical orientation (See Educational Project for details)

  • Children freely play with the games and activities that are available.
  • Formal learning and production are not a priority.
  • From the “home base” that are the hall and the referent educator, the child can move freely in the surrounding environment. It must always seek the agreement of his educator and it must always know where the child is.
  • Educators propose and support the activity, they listen and speak with children arise and ensure the framework by establishing the rules of life in group.

Some requests to parents for good cooperation

  • Always prevent the child’s educator when leaving the after school day care/garderie.
  • Communicate first to the secretariat of COLE (Cornet-Leman) (which forwards the information) the name of any new person authorized to pick the child. Educators cannot in any case return the child to people who have not previously authorized by the parents.
  • All matters relating to the administration (registration, payment, settlement …) are to ask at the secretariat Cornet-Leman (COLE), by email at:
  • The link to Kiddyweb, the registration tool in the Commission’s daycare is:
  • Only for urgent communications, telephone number of the Secretariat of Cornet-Leman (COLE): (02 29) 50945

Association of parents – crèches/Kindergardens – garderies – C.E.

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